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The Missouri Recovery Network (MRN) is a statewide organization that advocates for addiction treatment and recovery support throughout Missouri. The network consists of members who are in personal recovery, family members, friends, allies and other supportive people who help to identify barriers to recovery and offer solutions which will enhance recovery for a greater number of Missourians. Any resident of Missouri who supports and endorses MRN’s mission is welcome to join, which is free of charge.

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Recovery is: “A process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.” ~SAMHSA’s working definition of recovery, 2010.


HB 2040: Saving Lives in Missouri

House Bill 2040 passed in the House of Representatives unanimously with 154 votes.  This bill allows qualified first responders to obtain and administer Naloxone (Narcan) to a person suffering from an apparent narcotic or opiate-related overdose.  Currently, only paramedics are allowed to administer the drug. First responders often arrive on scene up to an hour before paramedics, which is why it is imperative for them to be able to treat individuals that are experiencing an overdose.

The next step to move this bill forward is to get it passed in the Missouri Senate.  We need your help!  Please contact your Senator and request that they educate themselves on this live-saving bill.  To send your Senator a personal message, click here.

Restore Full Access To Recovery Funding in Missouri

Missouri has been a recipient of the Federal Access to Recovery (ATR) Grant for 10 years.  These federal funds have provided recovery support services to over 42,000 Missouri individuals.  83% of consumers who received recovery support services were alcohol and drug free at a six month follow-up.  95% of these individuals who received recovery support had NO new arrests at a six month follow-up.  Now, Missouri is at risk of losing this federal funding.  The amount of funding available has been tremendously reduced and if Missouri does not receive another grant; there will NOT be any funds available to provide recovery support, such as re-entry coordination, employment training, family engagement, etc.

We need YOUR help!  We are asking that you contact your US Senator and Representative and encourage them to RESTORE FULL ACCESS TO RECOVERY FUNDING FOR FISCAL YEAR 2015!  Without your help, these critical recovery support services may NO longer be provided in Missouri.  Can we afford to stand by and not contact our elected officials?   

To contact your US elected official, click here!

This is time sensitive.  Please contact them TODAY!

2014 Legislative Session Underway

With 2014 upon us, it’s time to prepare for the 2014 legislative session. Some of our legislative priorities for the upcoming session include: the 911 Good Samaritan bill (provides limited immunity to 911 callers seeking emergency medical assistance for someone else in the event of an overdose), the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program bill (monitors prescription drugs dispensed from all pharmacies in Missouri), and the Medicaid Expansion bill (provides additional recovery support services to more Missourians). Despite our unified advocacy efforts last legislative session, none of these bills passed. Representative Engler has already prefiled the Prescription Drug Monitoring Act (HB 1133), and Senator Sater plans to file the Senate bill in the next few weeks. Representative Spencer plans to file the 911 Good Samaritan bill in the near future, but there are no known plans of a similar Senate bill being filed. This means we need your support now more than ever!

We encourage you to contact your elected officials as soon as possible. Introduce yourself as a recovery advocate and educate them on the 911 Good Samaritan bill and the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program bill, as well as Recovery Support Services. You can find highlights of each of these bills by clicking on their respective titles. It would be great if you asked your senator if he or she would consider sponsoring a 911 Good Sam senate bill.

Not sure how to contact your elected officials? Click here to locate your legislator.

During each legislative session, the House and Senate hold appropriation hearings. During these hearings, testimony is provided in support/requesting of additional funding for specific programs. If you are interested in providing public testimony in support of treatment and recovery support services, please email us your information at morecovery@pbhc.org. Sharing your individual stories helps educate our elected officials. If you are in recovery, YOU are the expert in how you found recovery and sustained it. There are many pathways to recovery. People CAN and DO recover if provided the needed recovery resources. It is up to each of us to share our knowledge of addiction and recovery with others. Please consider sharing your story during these upcoming hearings.

Also during the 2014 legislative session, MRN will be hosting its annual Recovery Advocacy Day at the Capitol. This event is scheduled for Wednesday, March 5th, 2014 and will provide you with the opportunity to speak directly to your elected officials. Additional information will be coming out soon!

If you have questions about the proposed bills or about speaking with your elected officials, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 573-634-1029 or email us at morecovery@pbhc.org.