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We invite and encourage all those who support treatment and recovery to join the Missouri Recovery Network (MRN). The organization consists of members who are in personal recovery, family members, advocates of treatment and recovery, and all other supportive individuals.

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Heroes in Recovery...

 Laurie Dhue shares her powerful story about recovery from alcoholism. She speaks about the double life she lived while being an alcoholic and a TV news personality on FOX News, CNN, and MSNBC, and now the joy in life she experiences being sober as a Hero in Recovery. Heroes in Recovery celebrates the heroic efforts of those who seek the addiction and mental health help they need without feeling ashamed or isolated. This grassroots movement is intended to remove the social stigma associated with people in recovery, to recognize the heroic effort it takes to overcome the obstacles in seeking help and to celebrate the act of preventing the past from kidnapping the future. Learn more and share your story of heroism and recovery at

Betty Ford: Legacy of Hope

In 1978, the Ford family staged an intervention and forced Betty to confront her alcoholism and an addiction to opioid analgesics, which had been prescribed in the early 1960s for a pinched nerve. "I liked alcohol," she wrote in her 1987 memoir. "It made me feel warm. And I loved pills. They took away my tension and my pain". She went into treatment for substance abuse.

In 1982, after her recovery, she established the Betty Ford Center (initially called the Betty Ford Clinic) in Rancho Mirage, California, for the treatment of chemical dependency.She served as chair of the board of directors. In addition, she co-authored with Chris Chase a book about her treatment, Betty: A Glad Awakening (1987). - Source: Wikipedia

The Missouri Recovery Network

The Missouri Recovery Network (MRN) has been recognized as the Statewide Voice for Recovery. We have received recognition at the local, state and national levels as an established recovery organization that advocates for change in public attitudes, policies and opportunities for individuals in recovery and seeking recovery. The MRN is recognized as the catalyst that organizes, educates and empowers the recovery community to advocate at all levels: local, state, and national. We model advocacy to show how each of us can make a difference and how our unity has the power to change public attitudes and government policies.

The MRN has a long history of advocating for the benefit of the recovery community in our state since 1999, the MRN mobilizes those in recovery, their families and allies to help end discrimination, broaden social understanding about addiction and recovery, reduce barriers to and support recovery, and achieve an improved public response to alcohol and other drug use disorders as a public health crisis. Recovery needs to involve the individual and their support system and family in order to achieve the foundation needed to sustain long-term recovery and improve their lives which impact communities.

Recovery Testimonials


And instead of my usual prayer, begging God to make him quit drinking, I prayed for the strength and guidance to do whatever I needed to do

- Lois

Everything I have or enjoy in life today whether it be family, health, career or just good, old happiness, is ALL due to sobriety, of that there is no doubt...

- Dan

On a Thursday night in September of 1992, I turned my life over to God and from that night to this day, I have not touched another drink, smoked another joint, or taken any other drug of choice.

- Scott

The Missouri Recovery Network (MRN) is a statewide organization that advocates for addiction treatment and recovery support throughout Missouri.
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The network consists of members who are in personal recovery, family members, friends, allies and other supportive people who help to identify barriers to recovery and offer solutions which will enhance recovery for a greater number of Missourians.
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