Board Membership Criteria

Statewide Board of Directors

The MRN Statewide Board of Directors provides guidance and direction for all affairs of the Missouri Recovery Network, conducts long-range planning, assists in funding plans, and defines MRN policy. When fully developed, the council may consist of 20 persons, representing various areas of the state, based on a regional formula.

Expectations for Becoming a Member of the MRN Statewide Board

  • Board members are required to attend at least 80% of  all full Board meetings per year. They are expected to prepare for and participate in board meetings.  Members will serve on at least one active  Board Committee. Committees are responsible for issues including personnel   oversight, fund development, policy development and others as deemed   necessary. Throughout the year, committees will communicate regularly  regarding their work and report to the full Board.
  • Board members must be MRN members. Board members will  provide leadership to the MRN, support and provide consultation to the MRN Director.
  • Board members analyze and approve organizational  financial, management, and program policies.  Board members are   ultimately responsible for ensuring that MRN operates in an accountable,  legal and ethical manner. Board members will assure that MRN carries out its activities in an ethical manner, free from any personal gain.
  • Board members are expected to actively participate in  fundraising and development work of MRN.  Examples of such things might include: attending  meetings/events/activities, assisting with grant proposals, and joining in      solicitation meetings with individuals, foundations and corporations to  build partnerships.
  • Board members participate in the selection of the  Director, monitor staff performance, and set policy on personnel    practices, wage scales, and benefits. 
  • Board members will assist with rallying grassroots  advocacy support as needed. 
  • Board members will assist in developing collaborative  efforts among MRN members, friends and allies of recovery, healthcare and treatment  providers, recovery support providers, local businesses, and other  recovery oriented systems of care stakeholders. 
  • Board members will develop and maintain relationships   with local officials as well as their state legislators and promote policy  change at the local, state and national levels.
  • If any board member realizes after his/her appointment  that he/she cannot attend and commit adequate time to the MRN state board,   said board member will remove himself/herself from the board.


MRN Statewide Board Member Application

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