DMH Seeking 1115 Waiver for Young Adults in Behavioral Health Crisis

LOGO-HealthNetThe Department of Mental Health is currently seeking a 1115 waiver to provide early intervention, treatment, and community support services to Missourians aged 19-35 who are identified through a behavioral health crisis, via law enforcement officers or presentation to DMH-funded behavioral health Emergency Room Enhancement programs.

The 1115 waiver gives states flexibility to design and improve their Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Programs (CHIPs).

With peak onset of serious mental illness occurring between 15 and 25 years of age, psychotic disorders and substance use disorders can disrupt a young person’s social, academic, and vocational development and initiate a trajectory of accumulating disability.  While low-income children in Missouri who experience symptom onset are largely eligible for coverage under Medicaid (MO Healthnet) or CHIP, young adults in this situation are frequently uninsured.

The overall goal of this waiver will be to identify young adults in crisis through the programs above, extend Medicaid eligibility with a targeted benefit package, and engage individuals in services that start them on the path to recovery.

There will be six public hearings on the 1115 waiver, in Columbia/Jefferson City, Kansas City, Springfield, Cape Girardeau, St. Louis, and Hannibal/Kirksville.  The recovery community’s input and support will be instrumental in passing the waiver — please plan to attend a hearing in your area.  Additional details about the hearings will be forthcoming.


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