What Recovery Has Taught Me…

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    Leslie Pritchard

    Please share some of the lessons that you have learned in your recovery in this section.

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    There are so many lessons that recovery has taught me that it’s hard to voice them all. Some of the most important would be 1. A change in perception. I always thought of myself as a victim. Come to find out I was never a victim I was just in preperation. The pain I experienced was going to help others in the long run. I can’t begin to tell you how much relief I got when I finally realized this. 2. The value of a mistake. During my active addiction there wasn’t a lesson that I learned. I kept repeating the same mistakes over and over. (Insanity right?), recovery has given me the ability to learn from my mistakes, both past and present. I once heard there is no such thing as a mistake just an undesired result to one’s actions. I believe this to be somewhat true. The only mistake I can see is if I stop trying. 3. Recovery has taught me that loving self and others isn’t always easy or smooth sailing. Sometimes love is harsh. The pain of tough love is nothing however compared to the pain of losing someone you enabled to death. Life is a lesson..

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