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Parents & Cargivers

Alcohol Information for Parents and Caregivers

Make a Difference – Talk to Your Child About Alcohol (booklet)
A booklet containing information to help parents discuss alcohol issues with young people ages 10-14.

The Role of Parents in Preventing and Addressing Underage Drinking (fact sheet)
This fact sheet talks about the role of parents in preventing underage drinking. There are tips on parenting skills, a discussion of social influences, and family structures.



Underage Drinking Prevention Action Guide and Planner (61 pg. book; above)

This Action Guide is intended to help communities create programs to prevent the tragedies that underage drinking can cause. This Action Guide is designed to: Provide community organizers with ideas and suggestions for accomplishable underage drinking prevention activities that target communities, businesses, social events, media, parents, and youth. Provide community organizers with ways to coordinate prevention efforts with government agencies, local groups, and other grassroots organizations. Provide factual information about the issues involved in the underage use of alcohol that can be disseminated through your prevention activities and help inform your audiences.

What Should I Tell My Child About Drinking? (brochure)
Comprehensive guide offers advice for various stages of a child’s development and features a series of “teachable moments” that give parents a structured opportunity to sit down with their child and discuss alcohol.

What Should I Tell My Child About Drinking? (video)
Hosted by Meryl Streep, this two-part video will help parents and other caregivers improve their communication skills about alcohol. Package includes companion brochure (see above) and facilitator’s guide. VHS, 46 minutes, color.