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How do I know if I need Help?

Alcohol General…

Alcohol and Alcoholism Statistics (fact sheet)
This fact sheet outlines Things You Need to Know about Alcohol & Alcoholism including recent statistics.

Alcohol and Health (fact sheet)
This fact sheet explores the effects of alcohol on your health.

Alcohol: What You Don’t Know Can Harm You (8 pg. booklet)

Even in small quantities, alcohol can impair a person’s ability to drive and it may interact negatively with prescription and over-the-counter medications. Alcohol use may also lead to interpersonal conflicts, birth defects, and long-term health problems. This booklet defines a “drink” and explains some of the harmful consequences of moderate drinking.

Alcoholism: Getting the Facts (booklet)
For many people, the facts about alcoholism are not clear. What is alcoholism, exactly? How does it differ from alcohol abuse? When should a person seek help for a problem related to his or her drinking? The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) has prepared this booklet to help individuals and families answer these and other common questions about alcohol problems. The following information explains both alcoholism and alcohol abuse, the symptoms of each, when and where to seek help, treatment choices, and additional helpful resources.

The Disease of Alcoholism
Gives a brief historical overview of the disease definition of alcoholism, and explains how alcoholism develops and how it can be prevented.

What Are the Signs of Alcoholism?
The NCADD Self-Test. Our classic test, which asks 26 yes/no questions to help determine if you or someone you know needs to find out more about alcoholism.

What Can You Do About Someone Else’s Drinking?
A helpful guide for anyone involved in a relationship with someone who may be an alcoholic.

Other Drugs…

Faces of Change: Do I Have a Problem with Alcohol or Drugs? (booklet)
This booklet asks people to assess the role alcohol and drugs play in their lives as they follow the stories of five individuals from different backgrounds who also have a problem with substance abuse. Contains a change plan worksheet and contact information.

New Website Offers Tools to Assess and Address Drinking Risks

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) has created a new website called “Rethinking Drinking,” designed to help users define their drinking patterns and develop strategies and options for dealing with alcohol-related problems. This new website is part of a broader effort to increase understanding of the array of alcohol-related disorders.