Phoenix Health Programs Now Offering CLFC Classes

Phoenix Health Programs is now offering a multi-week family program which is open to parents and youth ages 9 through 18.

The Creating Lasting Family Connections (CLFC) Family Program has shown positive research outcomes that engage in powerful personal and family health promotion and prevention of negative outcomes, including:

  • Reducing substance use by youth and adults
  • Reducing violent behavior
  • Enhacing communication and refusal skills
  • Enhancing family bonding
  • Enhancing and maintaining substance use recovery
  • Enhancing and maintaining re-entry outcomes

Staff begin with a mental health screening for those youth who may come.

Here’s who is eligible:

  • Children ages 9 through 18 who live in Boone County.  This program is funded by the Boone County Children Services Fund.
  • Parents who wonder how to help their children who may be experiencing emotional difficulties.
  • Parents who are in treatment or in recovery from substance use disorders and want to know they are doing all they can to prevent their children from experiencing this life challenge.

The CLFC class is held at Phoenix Health Programs, 90 East Leslie Lane, Columbia, MO 65202, every Wednesday from 5:30PM to 7PM.

To sign up for the program, contact Kara at Phoenix Health: (573) 875-8880, ext. 2115

Phoenix Health Programs also offers a FREE mental health screen to determine what services in the community might benefit any Boone County youth ages 9 through 21.  Click here to learn more about this FREE mental health screening.

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