President Obama Delivers Statement on Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic

“Let’s face it, there is still shame, and fear and stigma that too often surround substance abuse, that often prevents people from seeking the help they deserve. When people loosely throw around words like ‘junkie,’ nobody wants to be labeled in that way, and part of our goal here is to replace those words with words like ‘father,’ or ‘daughter,’ or ‘son,’  ‘friend’ or sister,’ because then we can understand that there is a human element behind this, this can happen to any of us, to any of our families.” – President Obama, on addiction and recovery.

President Obama delivers remarks at a Community Forum on the prescription drug abuse epidemic and what we can do to address it at the East End Family Resource Center in Charleston, WV, October 21, 2015. Watch and listen here.  As part of the Community Forum, the President announced federal, state, local and private sector efforts aimed at addressing the prescription drug abuse and heroin epidemic. READ FACT SHEET HERE.

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