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New to recovery or to MRN?

What is Missouri Recovery Network?
MRN’s Mission, Vision, and Values
What is Recovery?
Recovery Bill of Rights
Alcohol and Drugs Happen in the Best of Families
The 5 W’s of Advocacy
Advocacy with Anonymity
Tips For Talking to Your Legislators
Comparison of Chronic Disorders
Sharing Hope and Recovery Empowerment (S.H.A.R.E. Brochure)
Missouri Substance Abuse Intervention and Treatment Programs
The Burden of Substance Abuse on the State of Missouri
Recovery Fact Sheet

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MRN Newsletters

In an effort to keep you informed, MRN publishes a newsletter containing key issues and upcoming events. You will be able to find and read all newsletters published within the last year.  If you would like a copy of an earlier edition, please contact us and we can provide you with one.

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Other Publications

Missouri Analysis of Heroin and Opiate Use
FAVOR Life in Recovery Survey
Make A Difference – Talk To Your Child About Alcohol (booklet)