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Men in Recovery

No Shame in Recovery

The Missouri Recovery Network (MRN) requests individuals in recovery, those in the process of recovery, family, friends, and allies of recovery to share success stories with others. Help Advocate by Stepping Up…And Speaking Out about your addiction and recovery.

We invite you to share your stories with others. Let’s CELEBRATE, SUPPORT, AND ADVOCATE FOR RECOVERY. One of the most powerful and valuable tools to help educate people are personal stories of those who have been triumphant in overcoming a substance or alcohol abuse addiction. These voices are genuine examples of the benefits of recovery.

MRN wants to recognize the accomplishments of people who have lifted up their voices to help reduce and eliminate stigma, discrimination, and other barriers of treatment. These stories should be used as a tool to encourage others in need to enter treatment and celebrate recovery!

We need more people to realize that recovery from addiction is REAL for thousands of Missourians and that there are many different paths to recovery. Regardless of how people achieve recovery, their lives and the lives of their loved ones, are vastly improved as a result. End the Silence and share your story with others. It is with the help of those around us that makes recovery a reality. Please Contact Us to share your personal testimony today! (Your story can be posted anonymously if requested.)

In the following pages you will find testimonials from individuals around the state who support treatment and long term recovery. These testimonials were given to encourage others in their journey to recovery. Set your goals and take the necessary steps to achieve them!

You may also share your story of recovery by typing it into the box below. Many lives have been saved by such sharing...who's life might YOU save today?