Anonymous Testimonials

I started using drugs in my teenage years to help me cope with depression. I needed to self medicate because I grew up in a very dysfunctional and abusive setting. The street drugs and parties were easier to access then good mental healthcare services. I got help from Crossroads Community Recovery Center because I wanted to learn how to cope with my anxiety and depression and manage my life more effectively without depending on street drugs. I’m grateful that there is the support and help so close to where I am living. Everyone can benefit from gaining information and coping skills to manage their lives better. We need more programs for dually diagnosed persons that are easy to access and affordable for those going through the recovery process. - Anonymous

I started coming to recovery meetings to learn how to “stop” the alcoholic in my life from drinking. I soon learned that recovery was not about them- but about ME!! I realized that I could not change their behaviors but I could change my reactions to their behaviors. I felt accepted and loved by everyone in the group even with all of my problems. I learned to depend on others for support when I needed to and I also learned to give support when others needed it. Recovery is a new way of life for me and for all of my family—we have all learned that we have choices and that we must accept the consequences for our own actions, not the actions of other family member. - Anonymous