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Austin Montague

Austin Montague's Testimonial

I have been six years clean now. I figure that I just started living the day I found my new life and what excitement it beholds as each day is a new beginning for not only me-but my family. I, like most folk's, assumed my addiction was “my” business and that I wasn’t hurting anyone else. How wrong we can be with our 'stinking thinking'. I was affecting everyone around me, my family, their lives, relationships, job performance and the basic needs that bond a family together.

Denial kept me addicted. I began to see my daughter and son become the exact duplication of their father, an alcoholic and meth addict. Then the downward spiral began as they also grew to become the people I deep down detested, I didn't see myself "as addicted" like all those other dopers and drunks. Only In my spiritual awakening and treatment did I become aware of the damage that I had created in the very lives I cherished the most, my own children! But for the grace of God and through his mercy I have become that person that I was created to be.

Now, I have a purpose, a new direction and a goal in life-to give back what was freely given to me. It’s a gift. Deliverance from addiction while trying to recover the brokenness and mend it through my own recovery. Healing is possible....Give Peace a Chance!