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Bob Handschumacher

Bob Handschumacher's Testimonial

I had my first drink at 13 years old. My drinking days took to California, Texas and to my home State of Colorado. All I did was think about and work for my next drink. I burnt many bridges to the people that cared and loved me the most. Seven years ago, I had been riding the fence with my drinking and in the past I did not want to admit to having a problem.

Then, on April 18, 2006, I was arrested for a DUI in front of my home. Until then I thought I was only hurting myself, until I watched my daughter cry when the police arrested me. Later that afternoon, my dear friend came to bail me out of jail, took me to church, and that night GOD gave me a REAL SPIRITUAL awakening! I still had to go through the times when the court dates where coming. Each time the court date would come up GOD made it to where they got dismissed. By the grace of God, my driving rights were restored to me.

There were many times I told my family that I would quit drinking, but it took something big for that to happen. Now that has come to pass, God has inspired me to help and share his word and what God has done in my life. Every chance I get, I tell people about my story. In the mornings I pray to God to send me somebody to get me through the day and sure enough he always does. I attend Power to Choose at church and 24/7. But now, I don't go for myself, I go for the next person who may come through the doors looking for support. God has given me a real TEST-IMONY, I had to go through that test to get that testimony. Once again I give GOD all the glory to my recovery, with hard work and determination.