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Scott Breedlove

Scott Breedlove's Testimonial

My name is Scott Breedlove and I am the new Administrator for the Missouri Substance Abuse Counselors’ Certification Board (MSACCB). I wanted to tell you a little about my history with addiction. I took my first drink of alcohol during my sophomore year in high school. A few weeks later, I smoked my first joint. About a month after this, I ended up at the hospital almost dead from alcohol poisoning, was suspended from high school for a while, and did great damage to my relationship with my parents.

For the next 7 years, I walked the perilous path of alcohol and drug addiction. Finally, during my senior year in college, a lady took an interest in me and intervened and probably saved my life. Her name was Myrna and Myrna introduced me to God. I know there are a variety of opinions out there about faith, so please bear with me for just a minute. I understand that addiction works differently for each person and different treatments are effective depending on a person’s situation, but for me, God was the answer.

On a Thursday night in September of 1992, I turned my life over to God and from that night to this day, I have not touched another drink, smoked another joint, or taken any other drug of choice.

After graduating from college with an Accounting Degree, I entered the “exciting” world of numbers. For the next 13 years, I worked in a variety of accounting positions and met some great people. I also went on to become an Ordained Minister and Pastored a Church for 8 years in Cedar Rapids, IA. In May of 2006, my wife and I decided to move back to Missouri where we both are from and settled on Jefferson City.

While looking for employment, I saw the MSACCB Administrator position and applied. While interviewing for the position, I thought it sounded like a wonderful opportunity to combine all of my life’s experiences into one job. There would be accounting and administrative pieces to the job but there would also be the opportunity to give back and play a part in making the Professional Field of Substance Abuse the best it can be which in turn, can make a difference in the lives of those living in addiction. So, with great joy and excitement, I was offered and accepted the position as Administrator.

Over the last few months, I have met some wonderful people and have been asked several times how I like the job. I can say with no hesitation that I love it!