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“I’m (NOT) Just Hurting Myself”

While all families periodically struggle to maintain a stable equilibrium, the challenge can be severely magnified when drug and alcohol misuse take up residence. The usual priorities recede into the background as a crisis management environment comes into establishment, replete with the frustration, anger and secrecy that can bring an embattled quality to the most … Read more

Marijuana Legalization’s Impact on Recovery

On September 9, 2013, Colorado officially became the first state in the U.S. to finalize and adopt the rules for recreational marijuana sales, and the first recreational shops selling marijuana opened in January of that year. The debate over whether marijuana should (or should not) be legalized has been lingering in the public and political … Read more

Aftercare: A Necessity for Recovery

It’s no surprise that making the choice for recovery involves not only a strong personal resolve, but a significant financial investment in one’s future. According to the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, the typical cost for outpatient addiction treatment is $10,000, and residential alcohol and drug rehabilitation ranges between $20,000 to $32,000, depending on the level … Read more

A Little Piece of My Mind

Originally written by Amanda M. My thoughts are like wound up gears. Always trying to figure things and driving me a short trip to crazy. Will I ever figure out the secret of life? I know I learned two huge lessons on my pathway to recovery. One: Life is redundantly unfair. Two: Mistakes are more … Read more

“I’m Focused on my Recovery”

Originally written by Carrie K. Growing up in a small community, people didn’t talk about alcohol abuse. There was a stigma attached to those who the community suspected abused drugs but people rarely mentioned “heavy drinkers” or “drunks.” I never knew what substance abuse was, what symptoms of alcoholism was or what chemical dependency was. … Read more

Not Your “Stereotypical” Addict

Originally written by Anonymous I first started experimenting with different prescription pain medications, marijuana, and alcohol while in middle school. When I got to high school, I didn’t stay connected with many of the friends I had grown up with, and began using anything that made me feel different. Sometimes I would use a drug … Read more

“I believe God has created each of us for a certain mission.”

Originally written by Nancy Howard The word that describes our recovery is, Gratitude. On November 2, 1964, my husband, Don, walked up a steep flight of stairs to an AA Club on Delmar Avenue in St. Louis, and he started us on an incredible journey. This journey would challenge and strengthen us as individuals and … Read more

“I am more grateful than I could ever adequately express.”

Originally written by Dan Duncan Most alcoholics experience difficulty in facing the fact they are addicted and that their addiction is destroying them. I am no exception. Throughout my late teens and twenties, I drank alcohol, predominantly beer. At the beginning, it was about fun and conviviality. Gradually, over a period of years the role … Read more

“I’m not the person I used to be.”

Originally written by David Helling, LCSW I was born and raised in small rural towns (Gray Summit and Villa Ridge) in Franklin County, Missouri. I am the eldest of my parent’s second family, one of nine children; the first to complete high school and later in life the first sibling to earn a college degree. … Read more

Life is Good in Recovery

Originally written by Eleanor Ward My name is Eleanor Ward. I am in long-term recovery from alcoholism. I have not had a drink of alcohol since May 29, 1989. I was granted a scholarship to a Message and Media Training in Dallas, TX on Dec. 15 and 16, 2006. This seminar was put on by … Read more